About us

Diagrama Foundation is a UK charity helping to transform the lives of vulnerable children, adults and families in the UK through foster care, adoption, family support, education and residential care. And we’re dedicated to making a lasting difference to everyone we support.

Supporting brighter futures through adoption and fostering

Through our fostering and adoption services, we aim to find the most passionate and capable adopters, and the most dedicated and committed foster carers to offer loving, secure homes and provide a nurturing environment for vulnerable children – most of whom are likely to have had a challenging start to life.

The children and young people that we aim to help through fostering and adoption come from a range of different backgrounds, cultures and ethnicities. Occasionally they are babies or infants, often they are older children. Some will be on their own, others part of a family group. Some will have special needs or disabilities; others’ needs are less obvious.

Our commitment

We provide a life-long commitment to all the children we work with. We offer comprehensive and therapeutic support to empower adopters and foster carers to provide homes which enable children to feel safe, secure, attached and inspired – so they may have the confidence to flourish in life.

We are committed to continuous improvement, embrace a collaborative approach and believe that by investing now in developing our exceptional team we are investing in a brighter future for the children and young people we work with - and the society in which we live.

You can find out more about the work of Diagrama Foundation here

Diagrama Foundation