Our history

When Cabrini Children’s Society ceased operation in 2014 Diagrama Foundation stepped in to ensure those under Cabrini’s care had continued support.

Diagrama Foundation, an independent charity with a long history of supporting children and adults at risk of social exclusion, took over the running of Cabrini’s services which included fostering and adoption, post adoption and family support as well as residential services for adults with learning disabilities.

In Spring 2016, Ofsted rated both our Fostering and Adoption agencies 'GOOD'.

Diagrama Foundation's main objective is to promote the development of centres, programmes and research aimed at the prevention, treatment and integration of people in social difficulties or at social risk, especially children, families, young people and dependants.

The Foundation was incorporated under the Companies Act 1985, on the 11th of October 2007, in London, under its full name “Diagrama Foundation Psychosocial Intervention”. On the 12th of March 2009, we obtained charity status as a not-for-profit organisation in England and Wales.

Diagrama Foundation expertise lies on our parent organisation, Fundación Diagrama (Spain, 1991), as well as from our sister organisations, Association Diagrama (France, 2003), Diagrama Foundation Inc. (USA, 2007) and Diagrama GmbH (Germany, 2013). All of these organisations make up Diagrama International (Belgium, 2008).

Diagrama follows the same principles and values in every country where it develops its activity. We prioritise the employment of local people and the collaboration with local entities that are committed to their community, which improves relationships, strengthens development and allows us to adapt our work to the specific needs of each territory.