Diagrama’s adoption services

We work with local authorities and other partner organisations to provide adoption services. We find adoptive families for children who are particularly vulnerable, focusing on:

  • groups of two or more brothers and sisters
  • children nearer to school age
  • children from black, minority ethnic or mixed heritage backgrounds
  • children with special needs or disabilities.

The children we find families for are from many different backgrounds, so our adoptive families reflect those differences. All the families we work with are committed to loving and supporting the children they adopt.

Working with Diagrama

We can work with you to provide short- or long-term consultancy and outsourced work packages relating to adoption.

  • Our adoption team is made up of experienced, committed and caring professionals.
  • We find, assess, prepare and support families who want to adopt a child.
  • We have a list of approved families ready to adopt a vulnerable child.
  • We provide independent assessment.
  • We offer consultancy on childcare planning.
  • We give training on a range of childcare issues.
  • Our adoption team members sit on adoption panels.
  • We investigate complaints about adoption placements and other related issues. 

Our work doesn’t stop when a child has been adopted. Adoption is life-long, and our services reflect that. We offer support for families and children after adoption to make sure everyone has the help they need.

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