Being a parent will change your life – whether you have a child from birth or you choose to adopt. We help to create families fulfilling lives together. We're here for you.

Diagrama Adoption is an independent agency. Registered with OFSTED, it is one of a network of professional not-for-profit specialists, who work independently across local authority boundaries to provide consistent high quality support for adopters and adopted children.

Working across London and the south east, we find new, loving families for children who've had a difficult start in life.

Our priorities are to recruit adoptive families for children who are deemed 'harder to place'. This could be for a number of reasons including:

  • They could be older ( age 4+)
  • They may have a disability - even a mild one
  • They have have minority ethnic heritage
  • They may be part of a sibling group

Our pledge to you

It is important to us to make sure we find the best adopters for children awaiting a new permanent home and we work very closely with our prospective adopters to ensure they are fully supported throughout the process. 

Our child-friendly service is aimed to meet your needs too - it is not a case of one size fits all. Our staff are passionate about creating families and will provide you with life-long support. Our team will offer a personal service, listening to your concerns, taking time to get to know you and providing a tailored experience.

3,000 of the most vulnerable children from the care system need parents - what's holding you back?

Can I navigate the process? Can I parent? Can I do it forever?

It's natural to have fears and reservations when you first set out on your adoption journey. But do not worry - we can answer your questions and will be there to support you for as long as you need us. When you're ready to find out more contact us through the link below and we will send you an information pack.


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