If you were adopted as a child

Finding out about your family

Knowing where we come from is important for our sense of identity. So if you're an adult who was adopted as a child, we may be able to help you find out about your birth family and background.

We can share information from the records we hold if you were adopted through any of these Societies:

  • Cabrini Children’s Society
  • Catholic Children’s Society
  • Southwark Catholic Children’s Society
  • Southwark Catholic Rescue Society
  • Portsmouth Diocesan Catholic Child Welfare Society

Find out more about our Access to Records services.

Depending on when you were adopted, you may need to have adoption counselling. This applies to anyone adopted before 12 November 1975. Many people who come to us to find out more about their background and history find counselling helpful - whatever their age or circumstances.

If someone in your family was adopted

We can also provide an intermediary service for parents, siblings, grandparents or any other birth relatives of someone adopted through any of the Societies we’ve listed above.

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