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Becoming a parent through adoption

Children who need adopting come from a range of different backgrounds, cultures and ethnicities. Sometimes they are babies or infants, often they are older children. Some will be on there own, but others will need to be adopted with their brothers and sisters. Some will have special needs or disabilities, others will have less obvious needs. Either way, the will all need the unconditional love, support and understanding of new adoptive parents, who are prepared to put their children ahead of everything else. They will need parents who can understand their children`s histories and backgrounds - in many cases ones of abuse and neglect, and a jouney through the care system - and who will more importantly help their children move on from that past and thrive and flourish in a stable, secure and loving adoptive family.

At Diagrama, we help those who are interested in adoption become the adoptive parents that these children need. We do this through high quality training, support and assessment, and through ongoing advice, learning and support after you have adopted your children.

We welcome enquiries from:

  • People of all racial/ethnic backgrounds
  • People of any or no religious faith
  • Married couple,civil partnerships, unmarried couples (whether heterosexual or same-sex) who can evidence that their relationship is 'lasting, constant and enduring'.
  • Single people.
  • People with or without children.
  • People over 21 years - we have no upper age limit but adopters's age will be relevant when considering the age and needs of a child to be placed.
  • People normally domiciled in the UK.

There are lots of children who are waiting for new families and we`re interested to hear from anyone who believes they would make a good parent for a child/ren from the care system who cannot stay with their birth families. Irrespective of any difficulties you may think you have had in your life, we're interested in how you've dealt with those issues and how you can offer a child an adoptive home, with the good health, energy, tenacity, motivation and sense of fun that it takes to be a parent.

Our adoption teams work out of offices based in:

  • Purley, near Croydon, in Surrey.
  • Brighton, East Sussex.
  • Winchester, Hampshire.

So, we want to hear from you if you live anywhere within the London or South-East England region.

What is adoption?

To adopt means taking a child permanently into your home and bringing them up as your own. Children in care have experienced loss, possibly neglect and abuse, so they need stability with a family who will help them come to terms with their difficult start in life. 

There are lots of children who are waiting for new families; boys and girls; brothers and sisters, and most are aged between two and 10 years old. Many are part of a family group of two or more children who need to be placed together. 

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Choosing who you would like to support you to become an adoptive parent is a very personal choice, so please feel free to contact us about adoption generally or to discuss further our services.

By filling in your name and email address in the space provided, we can send you an information pack on adoption.

We also hold information evenings for anyone interested in adoption. These meetings are an informal way to find out more about adoption and hear from adopters who’ve already been through the process. why not get in touch to find out when the next one is taking place in your local area.

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